The reasons why some marriages fail isn’t because marriage is a bad thing, it’s because a lot of young people get into it blindly. People these days don’t seek to learn and understand before they move to that level of being together.

Before you get married to anyone, you must ask all the right questions, get every information that’s necessary, and be in the right frame of mind. Some of us just run after looks, but is that all that matters before marriage?

Well, take a look at things you should know about that partner of yours before you take them in marriage.



How many people will depend on you by extension of their dependency on your partner? Will you be able to handle them all?

In some parts of the world, like Africa for example, it’s believed that when you marry someone, you marry their family too. So you have to consider the amount of people you might have to take care of. If it’s something you can handle, fine, otherwise, why do it?



Due to certain lifestyles, a lot of people end up incurring so much debt, that if you marry them, you’ll have to take care of them too. Although people also incur debts because of perhaps the little challenges they’ve been faced with. Either way, you must investigate and interrogate your partner very well to know what you’re up against, so you don’t end up being taken unawares.



Your husband/wife’s career path and prospects directly affect yours. You should think about how resourceful their career is, travel requirements and how it’ll affect your job. Is your spouse ambitious, and is he/she a go-getter or a slacker? Think along these lines and you’ll be able to at least see which direction you are headed. You don’t want to end up with someone who will slow you down.

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