I know the headline is a tad confusing. ‘Partner’s, ‘lover’ — what is the difference? Aren’t they supposed to mean the same thing? Well, they really should, but they don’t.

A partner isn’t just a lover, they’re that person that know their responsibility to you, and are willing to accept it completely. For a partner, it isn’t just about dating, it’s about understanding that you aren’t just lovers, but more than that – you are two people who have similar goals, and perhaps different ones too, but would support each other through it. A lover will love you, but is that all you should get from your relationship with them?

Well, let us look at some more of the things that make a partner more important than a lover.



A partner does not really bother about us being compatible or whether I love her but she is more concerned about what we stand to benefit from each other. We are not parasitic but symbiotic in our partnership and both of us have something we bring to the table.



Love is good and beautiful, and all, but sometimes, it can get in the way of making healthy decision for oneself and the relationship.

With a partner, you’re both ready without being melodramatic…you are not controlled by your hearts, instead, you use your heads. You see what you want in each other, ask the right questions and do due diligence to be sure, and you get it on without fear. You take the relationship as a deal and not an unrealistic love affair.



You’re not business partners, but like them, you can voice your concerns about the relationship without fear or being sentimental or emotional…communication is more frank and sincere.

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